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Client Testimonials

Having moved from PA to DE, I needed advice and direction on changing my Medicare plan. Mike was very knowledgeable, and patiently guided me through the process to the right plan for me. One less process I have to navigate. I would definitely recommend giving Mike a call if, like me, you are overwhelmed with all the choices. Thank you so much, Mike!
– Valerie

This past year (2023), I went through the process of retiring from my full-time job and selecting my Medicare benefits package. Mike walked me through the process of selecting the right Medicare Part C (Medigap) plan and also the Part D drug plan. He helped me evaluate the various Medicare prescription drug plans and I selected a Part D plan that provided the best coverage for the drugs I was using. Mike is always available to answer my questions and both my husband and I rely on his wisdom and expertise in the Medicare insurance field. My husband and I heartily recommend Mike Kerl if and when you need wise counsel for selecting your Medicare coverage provider plans!
– Beth

Mike helped us through the morass of health care options for a small business, then it was seamless when we transitioned to Medicare.
Thanks Mike 
– Ruth

After suddenly losing my job at 65 and needed to begin Medicare with supplements, etc., Mike was referred to me by a friend.  He is the absolute best!  He patiently explained all my options and found me the very best plans that would work for me. I highly recommend him 
– Jill

It almost seemed impossible for us to select the best supplemental health insurance plan for my husband and I while also realizing it was going to be one of the most difficult and important decisions for our future.  Finally we found Mike who is a true professional.  His kind and caring attitude, excellent work ethics and pleasant, patient personality helped us navigate through all the various programs available to us to assure we selected the correct and best insurance plan for us.  We have been with Mike now for over four years and couldn’t be happier with his help, guidance and the selection of our insurance plan.  We highly recommend Mike’s service to anyone who is looking to select the correct Medicare supplemental insurance plan.  Finally, Mike is always available to answer any questions or concerns by phone or e-mail.  Thank you Mike for your continued great service!!
– Judy

After wading through the horror that is the Medicare website, Mike was recommended to me by a family member.  He made ny husbands enrollment very easy! Professional, knowledgeable, and easy to understand! Thanks Mike! I would highly recommend him for your Medicare needs!
– Susan

Mike was a valuable resource for healthcare while I ran a roofing business and has been very helpful since my retirement. His knowledge guided me through the complicated process of finding affordable supplement insurance and gave great advice on drug coverage. We also depend on Mike for my wife’s health coverage since she runs her own business and is not yet retired. We are very satisfied with his level of expertise and his dedication to service. We would recommend Mike to anyone needing guidance or clarification in the often confusing area of health care insurance.
– Lee

Mike has been a great help to me, so much so that I have referred multiple people to him, and he has helped each one.  Even being in the Human Resources field, I am amazed at the difficulties that exist within the “turning 65” world, and how much we and the government expect individuals to do and understand on their own.  Mike has been the buffer for all these folks, and gotten them not only the answers but comfort in knowing they have someone to contact if they have additional questions. 
– Judi

I had no idea what I was going to do about Medicare but I knew I couldn’t make sense of all the different possibilities. Luckily, I have a friend who had a great experience with Mike and recommended him to me. He asked the right questions and scrolled through the options that met my personal needs rather than confusing me and wasting my time. That was 3 years ago and I am still happy with the choices and comfortable knowing he will be there again if I need changes.
– Joyce

I retired a few years ago and, after reading various governmental publications,  had no idea how to attack the medical-insurance dilemma.  I got Mike’s information from a friend, he came  over one evening and he set everything up then and there.  Amazing and painless.  Thanks, Mike!! 
– Marie

Mike has been a tremendous help in handling our business insurance.  When it came to signing up for Medicare, Mike came to my home and walked me through the complete process.  His understanding of the complex system, and
 coming up with a plan that works best for me was outstanding.  I highly recommend using Mr. Kerl for these services
– Peter

Mike is a great resource and professional… I cannot say enough of how he helped me and my wife understand the Medicare Supplimental maze.
I now know how to move forward and have him as a resource annually! Highest recommendation!!
– Allen

A couple months ago Mike Kerl came over to my house and explained Medicare and supplemental insurance to me. He was very knowledgeable and guided me in selecting the best plan for me. Since his visit, Mike has always answered my follow up questions over the phone and given me sound advice regarding my medical benefits!! I highly recommend him to friends and family!!
– Bruce

I’ve been on Medicare for a few years. Because my wife was not yet 65, we remained on my retiree insurance. This is she will be 65 and we needed to get on Medicare supplements and prescription programs. We tried to do it on our own but the choices were very confusing. We contacted Mike. He came to our home and walked us through everything and got us set up for our new programs. We have a lot of confidence in Mike and appreciate his help!
– Ted

Mike is the best. He took his time to explain Medicare and all my options. The process was simple and fast to sign up. I highly recommend Mike.
– Fred

Mike was very thorough (and patient) guiding us through a process that can be very confusing with all the available options for supplemental insurance.  Knowing he has done this for his own family members whose needs are more complicated, we were very confident and grateful for his assistance! 
– Mike & Linda

Mike has been a God sent!!  He made a very confusing situation easy to understand and gave us peace of mind about our decisions.  He not only initially helped us with all of the questions, but has been kind to answer questions about Part D enrollment for 2018.  We are very thankful and extremely grateful his knowing Mike Kerl.  He will not disappoint.
– Mike and Rickie

Mike is truly best of the best.  He has set a standard of perfection that everyone in the insurance industry should take note of and follow. He not only has the ability to communicate well but he personifies the willingness to listen and consider thoughtfully what is being said. He has patience, open-mindedness, trustworthiness, honesty, punctuality and common sense.  His integrity gives the sense of feeling that you are part of his family and that he is looking out for your best interests, not his own.  I feel blessed that I have found Mike to run the Medicare and supplemental insurance gauntlet for me.  Thank you, Mike.
– Connie

Both my husband and I have worked with Mike to get the best insurance for each of our needs. Mike makes the entire process so easy to understand and he has unlimited patience. Mike is knowledgeable, professional and genuinely caring.   
– Joan

Mike is truly terrific! My husband and I both used him and each time he was professional, reliable, attentive and so helpful in our making the right choices! He returns calls, texts and emails quickly. He arrives on time. All in all he makes the medicare experience easy and we feel we made the perfect choices for our needs! We would highly recommend him!
– Arlene

OMG Mike made it soooo easy to get thru turning 65 and deciding what to get and how to proceed. He has always done a great job for my work health policy but helping me switch to medicare and the supplements was a breeze. He knows his stuff!!! 
– Dennis

Mike made the process simple and so easy. He came prepared to meet with me with all the facts and figures that were pertinent to my lifestyle. He had done his homework thoroughly and I was very confident that I, along with Mike’s help, had made all the right decisions. Being on a fixed income upon retirement can be overwhelming and frightening, but Mike assured me that I can count on him any time to answer questions and have his complete focus on my issues and help me to resolve them quickly.
– Donna

Mike worked with one of my colleagues as well as my husband, so I was sure that he would be the right person to assist me with my health care decisions as I reached the magic age of 65.  He absolutely was and the process was as painless as possible.  He is very knowledgable and personable, so I was able to find just what I needed.  He is definitely the “go to” person for those health care decisions.
– Judi

Mike was just what I needed. Very knowledgeable. He was easy to talk to.  He made it simple & easy.  Perfect.
– Pat

Mike made the process so easy, even helped me with picking a prescription plan, which is so confusing! Thanks Mike for your professional service.
– Mary

The Medicare Supplement Maze is so confusing but thanks to Mike he explained it to where I better understood what I needed for coverage especially for the Prescription Part.  If you are looking to pickup the Medicare Supplement, I highly recommend Mike.  He is very professional and very knowledgeable in this field.  Thanks Mike for all your help. You saved me a lot of time and frustration.
– Marie

Mike has been most helpful throughout the entire Medicare process. He was very forthcoming with advice in the early stages and most professional in the recent execution. I am confident he will be an ongoing help as I negotiate the ever-changing rules and regulations. Thanks, Mike.
– Ed

A sigh of relief could be heard in our home after our meeting with Mike.  He guided us with kindness and expertise through the Medicare maze.  We feel confident with our choices, thanks to Mike.  My husband and I believe that consulting with Mike for our Medicare selections is the best way to go. 
– Karen

Turning 65 is a bit overwhelming in itself.  In addition to reaching that milestone birthday one is bombarded with calls, mail and whatever solicitation method one can think of.  Mike has made the transition as painless as possible for us.  He is very knowledgeable and explains things in a very understandable manner.  The whole process was a lot less stressful than I thought it would be.  Oh, and by the way, Mike is a really nice guy too!  
– Wendy

I’m an inquisitive person and performed a lot of my own investigating about what I needed to do with Medicare, Medicare supplement, drug plans, etc. It was still intimidating and unclear. Mike changed all that. He made it simple and easy. What a terrific resource and nice guy too. Thanks, Mike!!
– Steve