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Client Testimonials

I can’t say or state enough good things about Mike.  His guidance, professionalism and patience were simply top notch. At this point I am all out in terms of bringing friends and colleagues to Mike.  Simply stated, he’s been a blessing and more people need to know about him. 
– Joe

Mike made Medicare easy!
– Barb

I wasn’t looking forward to my Medicare signup, but fortunately Mike was there to help.  Very patient, thorough, and well informed.  The process turned out to be painless, thanks to Mike!
– Rick

Mike made the process very easy and quick explained everything and made sure I understood all options thanks Mike 
– Jim

I highly recommend Mike to help you with the Medicare process. He is extremely knowledgeable, very personable and is super responsive.  He patiently and clearly explains what you need to know, and he sincerely cares about making sure you have a plan that works for you.
– Jennifer

Mike came highly recommended to me by my brother. He did not disappoint and made the transition to Medicare so easy and stress free.
– Lynn

If your like me understanding all of the details for something as important as this can be overwhelming! Not getting this right could be a long term mistake. 
Mike takes all of the worry and concern out of the process. He understands it very well and communicates it clearly so you can make the most informed decision. I have recommended Mike to others and they have all thanked me for doing that! 
– Bernie

Mike is absolutely amazing.  He is so patient & helpful, very kind and considerate man.
Thank you so much
– Joanne

Mike is the best, he has made turning 65 an easy task for both my husband and I!  When we contacted Mike, he made us feel like everything we needed to know about choosing a supplemental health insurance plan was not a problem, he had all the answers for us.  I strongly recommend contacting Mike for all your Medicare Supplemental Insurance needs, he is patient, knowledgeable, kind and very easy to work with.  We have passed Mike’s contact info to many of our friends and family.  
Thanks so much Mike for helping us make these very important Health Insurance decisions stress free!
– Deborah & Joe

I will be suggesting Mike to all my old friends.  He was professional and responded to all calls immediately. He helped me with signing up with Medicare, Medicare Supplemental, Drug Supplemental.  It was painless with Mike’s help.
– Bruce

Mike was referred to us by a co-worker. He showed us all of the options and was very thorough. Very happy working with Mike. 
– Jeff

Mike was fantastic! He educated me, guided me through the process of Medicare, supplemental policies, how everything works and even other tidbits of good information. No hesitation in recommending him to everyone. Did I mention that he was professional and prompt in responding to calls and emails? Well he is! Call him if you’re turning 65 OR if you’re shopping for a supplemental plan.
– Ellen

Mike’s approach in assisting folks sign up for Medicare as well as all of the associated supplements is two fold. First, Mike is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff so tailoring a plan that best suits my needs was paramount. Secondly and equally as important, Mike is down to earth making me feel comfortable and at ease as he guides you through the process. It’s also comforting knowing he’s only a phone call away morning, afternoons and evenings. A+ service and comes highly recommended. 
– Clint

Mike has been FANTASTIC! He is always ready and willingly to assist in every aspect in the setup for Medicare.
Mike was recommended by my financial group and  they were 100% correct in having me connect with him. I had no knowledge of anything needed to enroll especially getting involved not during the Medicare regular enrollment time period.
I now have Medicare A and B, supplement plan and prescription plan.
Everyone should have Mike assisting them for Medicare as they would be getting THE MOST knowledgeable and professional agent. I will be recommending Mike — and thank you Mike for always being there.
– Lynne

Mike was great. He was so patient with helping me with my prescriptions.  He is very professional and such a nice man and very knowledgeable.
– Joanne

Here it goes my first signup with Medicare. Nervous, and overloaded with mail information, flyers, and phone calls. It’s all overwhelming. What is all this and how does it work?? I was referred to Mike by my CPA. He returned my call the same day. Mike is easy to talk with, he clearly has a wealth of knowledge and brakes down the program, to a sensible and reasonable understanding. I now have informed information about the program and I know I have a mentor at any time to call Mike with questions and advice. He’s 5 STAR rating for me and I would absolute;y refer him to my friends and family. Thanks Mike, much appreciation for all your patience, information and getting me on track!!
– Diane

My Mom was moving to a new state and Mike was very helpful in finding a new Medicare Supplemental Plan for Pennsylvania and explaining the new benefits and policy!
– Edward

I was referred to Mike by several friends.  Mike made the ridiculously intricate and confusing task of signing up for Part B Medicare, selecting a supplement and prescription plan EASY! He made the procedure easy to understand, and was very patient with our questions.  He is the BEST and I highly recommend his services.  Along with facilitating the initial process he also made it clear that is available in the future for any problems or questions.  He is STELLAR!  
– Debbie

WOW, Do I have to admit I have reached 65! Where did all those years go? Did they evaporate? Actually, in all honesty I want to celebrate every one of them as for many, they are denied! I look forward to my next 65 years and with Mike’s help I may get there. Don’t let Medicare or supplemental insurance scare you. Just call Mike Kerl and let him guide you. He Is very knowledgeable and will guide you to the best policy that fits you! Highest recommendation!! He took all the fear out of that big birthday! Now I lay awake at night thinking of all the cool things I want to do, not which insurance plan I need.  So call Mike…..
Enjoy and Happy Birthday!
– Leigh

I’ve been working with Mike for my company’s medical insurance for 15 years.  He has always worked diligently to supply the best coverage for the best price available.  I recently turned 65 so I naturally inquired about the whole Medicare thing.  He simply made everything so easy and understandable.  I wouldn’t have known which way to go without his direction.  I trust him completely and would recommend his services highly to everyone!!
– Joan

Mike was recommended to me by my long-term financial advisers, and I was happy to speak with and meet with him regarding initiating Medicare.  In a couple of phone calls, Mike explained to me how to apply for and initiate Parts A&B on my own, and he collected the necessary information for a Prescription Plan and Supplemental Insurance Plan.  When I met with Mike a few weeks later, he had all the information prepared and explained everything in terms I could easily understand.  We filled out the applications on the spot.  I much appreciate the time Mike spent with me, and the research he undertook for my specific insurance needs.  I will soon turn 65 and put everything into place, and I am so glad to know that Mike is available in the months and years ahead to answer questions or help me to pursue options/changes should the need arise.  Mike was certainly knowledgeable, thoughtful, and thorough.  Thank you very much, Mike!  All of this would have been a bit difficult and time-consuming to navigate by myself!
– Doug

Medicare and supplemental insurance. After looking at a desk full of letters from more insurance companies than I knew existed, my stress level was off the charts. Time to call Mike. A true professional. He answered all my Medicare questions and then guided me to the best supplemental plans. I highly recommend Mike. He will help you get a good nights sleep. I’m confident that I’m fully covered.
– Joseph

I have been using Mike as a health insurance and now Medicare advisor for a number of years now. He has always been knowledgeable, accessible, professional, courteous and easy to talk to. He explains everything thoroughly. I have referred many friends and family members and all were very satisfied. Mike is the man!
– Steven

Mike is the Best. He has helped us navigate the Medicare and supplemental insurance maze with ease. Mike will make your life easy. Thanks again Mike for your knowledge and professional service.
– Beth and Bill

Mike was very helpful in navigating through the health plans and getting Mom a plan that worked and was affordable
– James

No nicer, more informed professional out there. Mike is accessible. He returns our calls. His office is staffed by courteous people. At 65, I’m no match for bureaucratic details and I’m capable of forgetting things and asking stupid questions; Mike is unfazed by even my simple-mindedness.
– Jerry

Mike navigated me through the complexities of the Medicare process of joining last week.   I would have spent much more time gathering information and comparing plans before deciding without Mike’s advice and guidance.    Too, I know that Mike will be there to answer questions and I can reach him via email or cell phone and not have to worry about wait times and being transferred around.   I highly recommend him for anyone who is new to Medicare, or who needs advice about their current enrollment.
– Larry

This stuff is very confusing. Mike spelled it out simply and saved us hundreds of dollars a month!
– Dr. Paul

I want to thank Mike for helping me and my husband set up our secondary health insurance.  He explains everything perfectly and made it very easy to understand.  He is a great guy and I would recommend him to everyone I know. So if you are trying to decide what Insurance to pick when you turn 65, do yourself a favor and call Mike.  Thanks again, Mike.
– Ginny

Our experience with Mike Kerl was excellent – just a total breath of fresh air and a big relief after trying on my own to navigate the confusing and complicated Medicare supplemental and drug plan marketplaces. I put a ton of time in myself and I still couldn’t figure out what to do.

Mike was referred to me by Montgomery Insurance, my home / car insurance agency. Calling him was the best move I made. Mike is personable, very knowledgeable and patient. He treats you like family, looks out for you.

He explained every aspect Medicare Advantage, supplemental and drugs plans to my wife and I, gave us practical advice, made our options clear, and guided us in selecting what was best for us and at the best prices.

I was very glad after working with him and I remain so today. The kicker is, it didn’t cost us anything – he gets his commission directly from the insurance company you go with and there is no increase in our premiums.
– Jim