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Client Testimonials

Our experience with Mike Kerl was excellent – just a total breath of fresh air and a big relief after trying on my own to navigate the confusing and complicated Medicare supplemental and drug plan marketplaces. I put a ton of time in myself and I still couldn’t figure out what to do.

Mike was referred to me by Montgomery Insurance, my home / car insurance agency. Calling him was the best move I made. Mike is personable, very knowledgeable and patient. He treats you like family, looks out for you.

He explained every aspect Medicare Advantage, supplemental and drugs plans to my wife and I, gave us practical advice, made our options clear, and guided us in selecting what was best for us and at the best prices.

I was very glad after working with him and I remain so today. The kicker is, it didn’t cost us anything – he gets his commission directly from the insurance company you go with and there is no increase in our premiums.
– Jim

 I have complete trust and faith in Mike Kerl, I have been on Medicare for going on 5 years and I couldn’t be happier with the plans Mike has set up for me, I don’t have to wade through the 8 million plans that are out there, I just had to call Mike
– Mike

Wow!!!! Mike made the process simple and painless for me and my wife. He also does a great job on benefits for our office…. Williamsburg Dental!!!!
– Joe

Thank God for Mike Kerl. He made the turning 65 and not knowing what insurance to choose a pleasant experience.  He treats you like family and knows what is best for you and your own particular circumstances. I recommend him highly to anyone going through this process. He was recommended to be by someone else who had a favorable experience, and we were not disappointed with him. He explains things in words that everyone can understand and is well versed in all your options. please don’t hesitate to call him you won’t be disappointed.
– Kathy