Q’s for the Agent

Here is a list of questions to help you communicate your concerns to Mike Kerl and allow him to research the best plan for your needs and budget:

Questions for Mike Kerl Medicare Supplement Insurance Advisor

“Are Part B drugs covered (Ex. infusion treatments like chemotherapy)”?

“Are my doctors visits covered and are all my specialists “in the network”?

“Which hospitals can I use?”

“Do I need a referral to see a specialist?”

“Are my prescriptions covered? (Be sure to have a list of your prescriptions and their dosages with you. You can also have the bottles handy so he can look them up by name).”

“What is the “Donut-Hole?”

“What happens if I don’t purchase the Part D prescription plan?”

“When is the deadline for me to enroll in a Supplement plan without having to answer any health questions?”

Contact Mike Kerl: 610-986-4955 to discuss your concerns before setting up a meeting.

“We really appreciate your time and patience, not to mention, you’re lots of fun! ” – Merrie H. , West Grove, PA